City of Brisbane Pipe Band will be playing at New Farm Park this coming Sunday 10 March, at around midday to celebrate International Bagpipe Day with a few tunes and a social picnic.

We’re not sure yet where we’ll be setting up, but don’t worry if you can’t find us – if you can’t see us, you’ll definitely hear us.

Bagpipers around the world will be out celebrating their instrument and music on International Bagpipe Day – Sunday 10 March.

Although the bagpipes are most closely associated with Scotland, they can be
traced to ancient civilisations and have been part of music worldwide for more than a millennium.

International Bagpipe Day was first held in 2012 and participation grows each year.

In 2019, Pipe Bands Australia is encouraging a strong Australian involvement in the celebration, and City of Brisbane Pipe Band will be be happily taking up that challenge by playing some great, well known tunes, as well as some new sets we’ve been working on, in Brisbane this Sunday!


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